More Success With Women Starts With You

Geplaatst op 07-03-2023

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Want more success with women?

More love

More attention

More appreciation and ADMIRATION

More sex...

Of course you do, every guy does unless he is happily married and even then he secretly wants more.

More success with women starts and ends with you! Women are NOT the problem YOU are the problem... If you want more love you need to learn to give more love.

Want more attention?

GIVE more attention.

This means when you meet a women at the bar you give 100% of your attention towards what she is talking about. If she politely asks what you do for a living you state what you do and then ASK her a question about herself...

Listen to what she has to say and keep asking her questions about her life and whats important to her.

Get OUT of your head and into HERS.

The best and perhaps ONLY way to get more attention and admiration from women is to give THEM attention and appreciation.

There is no magic pill or quick fix – you need to work on yourself.

Expert dating coaches like Alex Wise from Loveawake free dating site understand that men don’t do this to well. He suggests that men talk talk talk and try to sell themselves like a car salesmen rather than connecting with a womens emotions.

So if you want more success with women you need to work on yourself... we have established that.

One of the core attributes of female attraction is male confidence. The post mentioned earlier details the steps required to increase confidence within yourself FIRST before you go and try to fake confidence with women.

If power gives you confidence (will for most guys) then make more money

If giving back to the community helps out with your self esteem then make it happen

If being more honest and following through with goals gives YOU more confidence then decide now to always be straight up about your intentions.

Once you are a more confident person your success with women will flow naturally like the river to the sea. You will not be able to stop the flow of amazing happy experiences in your life (and with women ) if you follow some simple success routines first.

If you are NOT willing to give up drinking bourbon and cokes after work or gin and tonics after volleyball practice or that smoke during work break then this article is not for you...

Success comes to those that are willing to take a few risks, be persistent but most of all success comes to those that are able to take control of their emotions.

If you let fear and insecurity hold you back now and continue to hunt for that next quick fix it’s unlikely that you’re ever going to have the success with women (or in life) that you dream about.

Right that’s the rant over with...

If more success with women starts with you... then what are YOU going to do (starting today) to increase your chances of finding the love of your life?

Most men do it subconsciously... They know that money = power = more success with women so they head out each day and work their asses off.

Or they head to college and study for 7 years to be able to re-staple some fat womens guts together in a surgery room. For men it’s all about status and we will go to the ends of the earth to increase our status amongst our society.

Success starts with an idea – followed by a definitive plan – followed by action that becomes a routine.

What I am getting to here is that you need to ATTRACT women not CHASE them... Yeah I know you wouldn’t have picked that underlying message from the above but I think you get the point.

Men who chase end up with women that will either leave them because they just don’t the “chemistry” anymore or they will be to insecure themselves to leave.

Men who chase women will never find what they are looking for.

Focus on your passions and goals in life.

Become more socially connected

The women will come – trust me – they always do because that’s what they are amazingly good at it. Successful men never stay single for long (successful men don’t have to be attractive or athletic)

So I would suggest that you take life by the nuts – do what YOU love doing and are good at and you will find that dating and relationships with women will flow very naturally into your path.

Attain wealth, confidence and peace of mind – No women will be able to resist a man with those attributes...


You can continue being the guy that sways through life with little confidence because he has not taken control of his “destiny” via a written set of goals.

You will end up with an “ok” to bland women who will get a bit chubby (if she’s not already) and you’ll end up with an “ok” job.

I say... Fuck That